Our Privacy Policy

We take the privacy and online safety of our users seriously which is why we comply with the applicable laws gaurding the usage of personal data.

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Last Updated 25th January 2020

This Privacy Policy is an overall description of how we collect, handle or use personal information collected on Triangle Africa’s (also “We”, “Us”, “Our” in some parts of this Privacy Policy) website (primary domains or subdomains including the Interest Discovery Portal). This Policy does not apply to any content transferred or hosted on any associated third-party websites (please refer to the privacy agreement on these third party services to see how transferred content is being used).

Personal Information We Collect

Information collected from you via our website is strict to provide you with the most accurate information, predictions and analysis as it relates to Interest Discovery as well as the provision of free and highly recommended courses. We collect information to sign you up for Opportunity Newsletters from our community (all email addresses collected at every point is automatically subscribed), but we do not use the information supplied to create a permanent user account on our website; user information remains valid on our website only if the user did not complete the Interest Discovery process on our website at once. This category of users’ information is stored alongside the session ID for a maximum period of two (2) weeks before such users’ information are discarded from our Database. Personal Information we collect include Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Level of Education and Users’ IP Address.

Information about how you access and use the Service

We may collect usage information about your preference or use of our web service; this may include how long you spend navigating through our websites’ pages, impression on our contents as well as how suitable you found using the Interest Discovery engine. This enables us to better create a suitable and tailored experience for you using our services.

Your Location

We may often request and collect information about your location or infer your approximate location based on your IP address so as to provide you with a customized experience and relevant course suggestions suitable for your region. You may be able to adjust your computer or mobile phone settings to prevent us from accessing your location information.

Age restrictions

Although most of the predictions from the Interest Discovery Model and some parts of the website require a level of beginner or intermediate knowledge (or of young people with age minimum of 11 years old), all contents on our website does not have an age restriction as we ensure that information that have explicit content (video, text, image et.c.) do not appear on any part of our website.

Device Information

From time to time, our web service engine will attempt to detect the device type of our users, so as to be able to render appropriate frontend (or user interface) designs suitable for each user’s device; why we do this is to allow us to create the best user experience for all our users per time.

Use of Cookies

We have implemented cookies (a tracking technology) to collect information from the activities of our users on different pages on our website; this contributes to improving the user experience for each user, helping us to remember preferences, inputs and/or settings on the pages visited by each user so as to display the appropriate content while the session is opened or active in the browser memory.

Information about Donations

All donations to Triangle Africa is currently being processed by Paystack, which gives us express access to the donor’s name and necessary contact details; we use these information to send appreciation emails and to indicate the donor’s name or imprint on our website (unless otherwise stated to be a secret or private donation/donor).