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Calculate your employability score.

triangle. uses Artificial Intelligence to help you find out your employability ratings and suitability for your desired career.

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Discounts and credits to help you upskill

Join over 30,000 students and freelancers using triangle.

Discover your interest, find and develop new skills for the Future of Work!


Narrowing down your interest is the first step.

Explore different career choices

triangle. uses your experience and areas of interest to help you find your dream career easily.

Identify matching skills

Discover relevant and essential skills required to increase your chance in your desired career path.

Know your employability ratings

Your employability score shows your capacity and areas to develop on, to help you stand out.

Upskill, and start earning from gigs

Get matched with courses to grow your skills, and gigs you can start earning from immediately.

Access more opportunities

Find tips, events, schools, certifications and more tailored to help improve your employability.

Answers to your most frequent questions.

Here to help you make the very hard career decisions, and set you on the right track.

For Partners

Hire and manage talent with triangle.

Employers use triangle. to search and find talent according to required skill set and employabilty score in less than 3 minutes.

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